Forum Announcement: Terms and conditions
This forum is your forum, so we are keen to provide benefit and make the forum the best and most beautiful in everything
The administration decided the following:
1- Any subject that does not follow the section, we will transfer it to what we see appropriate from the sections without referring to the member.
2- It is forbidden to register with names without meaning, such as (123456), email (, or a phone number.
3- It is strictly forbidden to attack religions
4- It is forbidden to use words that violate public decency and violate the limits of etiquette.
5- It is forbidden to publish topics, links and links to obscene websites, pictures that do not fit with morals and morals, or shocking pictures or videos, including topics related to assaults or sexual education.
6 - Not to use messages for the purpose of ((defaming, harassing, or inviting members to other forums)).
7 - Not to object or publicly raise any complaint against any observer, supervisor or member. To submit a complaint, you must contact the forum management or create a topic in the complaints department.
8 - It is forbidden to respond to a specific topic by attacking its author or responding in an inappropriate and respectful way.
9 - Each section has its own laws, please review and abide by them
10 - It is forbidden to publish addresses for other forums for the purpose of publicity
11 - He must write a title for the topic so that it is appropriate for its content, and please do not prolong the title.
12 - The necessity of making sure through research that the topic has not previously been raised in the forum so that there will be no repetition of topics
13 - It is forbidden to publish designs that contain images of dressed or naked women who have given up on modesty.
14 - It is forbidden to transmit thoughts and poems without mentioning their source in the case of transfer, and the member will be alerted in the event of discovering a transfer without mentioning the source, and he is prohibited from entering the department in case of repetition.
15 - It is not allowed to reply with a word of thanks in all sections.
16 - Not to spread rumors and investigate accuracy in all the issues raised

The forum is set for the benefit and learning, and it is forbidden to exploit it in a way other than what is set for it. The forum administration is not responsible for the topics and attachments listed by the members.

All written posts and posts express the viewpoint of the owner, and do not express in any way the views of the forum administration.

By registering in this forum, you agree not to use any harmful, offensive, or threatening materials that violate the rights of the forum.

The forum administrators and moderators have the right to delete, modify, or close any topic for any reason they see in violation of the aforementioned laws or the laws of the sections, and they are not obligated to announce it.

We wish all honorable brothers to abide by these laws in order to make an ideal and useful forum free from repetition and accumulation without benefit.
You all accept my regards

Updated: 26/03/2021